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Our Facilities

Spacious and ambient reception

The reception area in hospital and clinic are always has been a highly anxious place for patient.We have designed and conditioned our clinic and reception to make your visit comfortable and soothing which help u get rid of unnessary anxiety before procedure and hence help in successful completion of treatment.

Ergonomic set up of clinic

Prolong dental operatory work or surgery and multiple visit to clinic is now no longer a matter of concern for you, with our proper ergonomic arragement in clinic and in equipment with optimal and individual flexibility.with our latest and updated modern dental operatory chairs and cutting edge technology we serve you better than before...

Fibroptic technology/fibroptic handpieces and fibro-optic scaler

We are using fibro-optic handpieces and fibro-optic scalers for better vision at operative site and for more precise operation which also in turn reduces operative time.

Apex locator

With advancement in technology for more precise mesurement ,perfection and reduction of radiation exposure to patient.we are using apex locator to measure root canal length digitally unlike conventional dentistry which was using multiple x ray for same.

Sterilization and infection control

All the instruments are washed and then chemically cleaned and then they go for autoclaving(high temperaturer steam under pressure which guarrenties the ultimate sterlisation to even most resistent becteria).auoclaved instrument now then shifted to u.v. chambers to ensure safety till use.


Dental Instrument in sterilized packages are stored in U.V. Chamber. We Follow, all the disinfection and sterilization procedures needed for Infection Control. Preventing the spread of disease is of the utmost concern for both the dental staff and the patient.


Disposable supplies such as masks,gloves, wipes, paper drapes, suction/water tube tips, needles and scalpel blades, are used only once and then disposed of properly. Using disposable items is another way that we maintain a clean and sterile clinic.

Online appointment system

This gives you freedom to schedule your appointments at your convienience and help reduce long waiting also helps us to schedule non overlapping appointments.

Appointment reminder service

Book an appointment with us and be carefree. Our appointment reminder automation system delivers phone to help you keep up with your dental appointments in todays busy life so that you miss none.

Contact Information

You can contact us any way that is convenient for you. You can visit our clinic personally.